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About BDCH HealthWORKS

707 S UNIVERSITY AVE \ BEAVER DAM WI 53916 \ 920-887-4089

Healthy Employees Make Happy Employees

BDCH HealthWORKS is committed to providing or coordinating exceptional health care and wellness service for everyone we serve while maintaining a sound financial base.

In today’s competitive business environment, Human Resource and Risk Mitigation Professionals must find new and practical ways to increase efficiency, enhance safety, cut costs and manage the organization’s experience and loss ratios. With over 1,200 clients nationally, BDCH HealthWORKS has a proven track record of working effectively with both employers and employees. Our comprehensive package of products and services are available at many locations with onsite options.


Our Vision

BDCH HealthWORKS’ vision is to provide the most reliable assessments and programs available.

  • Convenient access—whether in main office or one of our clinic locations or right in your business.
  • Flexible services—we work with you to customize the right approach and the right services to align with your industry and employee job duties along with customized options.


Knowledgeable Professional Staff

BDCH HealthWORKS’ professionals and clinical staff are the driving force behind our success. The heart of HealthWORKS is the team’s commitment to serving the best interests of our clients by working with them to tackle each organization’s challenging occupational health needs and corporate goals. Our staff includes registered dieticians, physical and occupational therapists, nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals.

As needed, our staff refers and consults with a network of medical specialists at medical clinics around the region, including Beaver Dam, Columbus, Horicon, Juneau and Waupun. All coordination of these offsite services can be handled by calling HealthWORKS.


Our Experience

BDCH HealthWORKS work with many local and regional corporations throughout Southern Wisconsin. In addition, in Wisconsin, BDCH HealthWORKS has a unique understanding of the tri-county (Dodge, Columbia and Fond du Lac) area, business environment and employee cultures. Serving over 1,200 clients nationally, we have the experience you need to meet all your employee health needs.


What HealthWORKS Can Do for You
  • Help meet government-mandated regulatory standards
  • Improve hiring decision making
  • Reduce workers’ compensation costs and risk management
  • Increase employees’ timely return to work
  • Improve worker productivity
  • Serve as your employee health resource


For more information, call BDCH HealthWORKS at 920-887-4089

Partnering with
Successful Business


“Working with BDCH HealthWORKS feels like a real partnership because they tailor their services to meet our specific needs for each position, and they’re there whenever we need them. They are very efficient and easy to work with, making the hiring process go quicker and smoother, reducing the time it takes to get from selecting the candidate to their final approval. Shortening the length of the hiring process is critical in ensuring we have high quality people walking through the door.

– Cale Dietrich
Centro Operations Manager