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MMC-BD Patient Portals

Learn About My Marshfield Clinic

On April 2, 2022, we began to implement a single electronic health record for our clinic and hospital services. This will improve care coordination and create a convenient, dedicated access point for you to view your clinic and hospital medical records.

This will change the way you access information you've previously been able to access with our Follow My Health and ECW patient portals (see below for more information), but also unlocks several exciting new features via My Marshfield Clinic. 

My Marshfield Clinic is your go-to place for organizing health care, available via our website or through the mobile app.

Key web features:

  • Schedule appointments with your care team or based on a visit reason
  • Message your care team about health concerns and questions

Key web and app features:

  • View conditions, diagnoses, vitals, immunizations and allergies
  • View upcoming appointments
  • Get test results, like labs and diagnostics
  • Pay a bill
  • And much more for yourself and those you care for*

*A signed release of information authorization form (Release or share HIPAA) must be on file with Marshfield Clinic Health System before you can manage personal health information on My Marshfield Clinic for another adult or child age 18 or older. Visit to download release forms.


Sign up and sign in is easy

To sign-up, you will need your medical history number (MHN) and a pin.

Medical history number
Your MHN can be found on any medical record document, your appointment reminder letters, pharmacy prescriptions and your billing statement. You can also ask a care team member or call 1-877-349-9449 for your MHN.

A pin will be generated when signing up for My Marshfield Clinic. This pin can be texted to your cell phone on file, mailed to your address or provided to you by calling 1-877-349-9449.

Mobile app

Access to great health care shouldn’t be complicated. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. With optional fingerprint or face sign in, the app saves you time and hassle.

Visit to get the app.


Register and sign in online at

Follow My Health and ECW Patient Portals

Your access to past records contained in the Follow My Health and ECW patient portals will remain intact until at least Dec. 31, 2022. You will be able to download your records up until that date. Your provider will continue to have access to all of your records, prescribed medications and medical history beyond this date.

Medical records created after April 1, 2022 will be accessible with My Marshfield Clinic, which is available via our website and mobile app. See below to find out how to download medical records from Follow My Health and ECW.

Follow My Health

  • On your mobile phone, navigate to the “My Health” button. In the upper right corner you will see a “Send” button. Click the “Send” button and you will have the option to email or fax your exported records.
  • On the portal website, click on “My Health” and select your choice from the “Send” dropdown menu.



  • After you log in, go to “Medical Records” and select “Personal Health Record.” You will be prompted to enter a date range. After a date range is selected, you will have the option to download or print your records.