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Authorization Form for Use and Disclosure of Health Care Information

A completed form signed by you and your legal guardian is required to release your information. You may fax your completed form to us at 920-887-6691 or mail to us at:

Marshfield Medical Center-Beaver Dam
Health Information Management
707 S. University Ave.
Beaver Dam, WI 53916



Access to Medical Records (Patient Portals)

Marshfield Medical Center-Beaver Dam

MMC-BD Medical Clinics


Patient Registration Forms (MMC-BD Medical Clinics)



Chiropractic Clinic New Patient Registration Form

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Financial Assistance


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Community Care Policy DOWNLOAD FORM


Personal Medication Listing



Notice of Privacy Practices

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Patient Rights and Responsibilities

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Patient Information Guide



Hospital Pricing

The federal government requires each hospital to post on its website a list of its standard charges for each inpatient and outpatient service and item provided by the hospital. Each hospital is also required to make available their standard (median) charge for diagnosis-related groups (DRGs) which are used to bill for inpatient hospitalization services. These lists are available in a machine-readable format. The published price transparency spreadsheet is available HERE and the DRG Category for Inpatient Hospitalization with Median price spreadsheet is available HERE.

For information that would help you estimate the cost of your care or the amount you might owe for your care, please contact our patient financial services staff at 920 887-5920. You can find information about our Financial Assistance Policies here. To help our patients better understand healthcare services, the cost of their care, and comparison shop between hospitals, additional information is available at

Price Point

Price Point allows health care consumers to receive basic, facility-specific information about healthcare services and charges. Learn more


Act 16 Pricing Information

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COVID-19 Pricing

During the COVID-19 emergency period declared by the Public Health Act, providers are required to make public the cash price for the diagnostic test for COVID-19 [Reference: CARES Act Sec. 3202].

COVID-19 Diagnostic Test Cash Price: $108

Insurance should cover without any patient out of pocket costs such as copays or deductibles per the CARES Act. It is always best to verify the cost or coverage of services with your insurance provider.