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healthworks additional services

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BDCH HealthWORKS can conduct the following services as a standalone service or as an addition to a physical exam program:


Closeup of a female doctor examining a man's ear. Beaver Dam Community Hospital Healthworks Physical Exam


Hearing test performed in an OSHA-approved sound room. This test is very important in those industries where workers are exposed to loud noises.


Breath Alcohol Testing

A breath alcohol test measures the amount of alcohol (ethanol) in your body.


Electrocardiogram (EKG)

An EKG records the electrical activity of the heart. It is the prime tool in diagnosing heart diseases.


Employee Assistant Program (EAP) Coordination

We work with local EAP administrators and can help you coordinate these services for your employees at lower rates.


Laboratory Services

Blood samples collected to check for various issues or exposures, including but not limited to complete blood count (CBC), lipid panel, liver profile, blood leads, heavy metals, HIV, and chemistry panels.


Lift Assessment (Functionality & Endurance)

Lift Test measures the amount of weight a person can lift. Specific requirements include: How much weight, how many repetitions, floor to waist, waist to shoulder, overhead, duration of distance. Requirements are based on the particular job description provided by you. 

OSHA Respiratory Exam

We will work directly with your employees in completing the questionnaire, protecting their personal health information. When we receive the completed questionnaire, our medical professionals review and create a report, determining if additional testing is necessary or that they are capable of withstanding mask testing process.


Physical Examinations

DOT mandated, Basic, HAZMAT, Return to Work, etc. At a minimum, physicals include: medical history, vitals, eye and hearing test, hands-on examination by medical provider.


Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)

PFT or Spirometry measures the amount of air that moves in and out of a person’s lungs. For this test, you blow into a tube connected to a recording device.


Respiratory Fit Test

We use standard protocols and processes utilizing our certified hood and Bitrex solution. If the employee fails the test by tasting the Bitrex, we recommend that the employee/employer find a better fitting mask.


TB Skin Test

PPD or Mantoux — Administered to screen for tuberculosis exposure. The patient must return to the clinic within 48-72 hours to have the test checked.



Blood is drawn and sent to the lab to test for various infection-causing viruses. The test also searches for previous vaccination antibodies.

Man receiving a vision test. Beaver Dam Community Hospital Healthworks services

  • Flu shot—Performed in a clinic or at the employer’s location (on site, or mobile unit).
  • Hepatitis A is a liver infection and most people recover without any long-term liver problems. The virus is spread mainly by oral contact with feces containing the virus.
  • Hepatitis B is a liver disease caused by infection with the Hepatitis B virus. It spreads very easily. It can be short-term or long-term. It spreads from one person to another through body fluids.
  • Tetanus (Td) is caused by bacteria. A booster shot every 10 years is recommended. Tetanus is now bundled with Diphtheria.
  • TDaP is a bundled booster shot: Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis (whooping cough).
  • MMR(bundled) — Measles (Rubeola), Mumps, Rubella — health care childhood immunization to prevent disease spread.
  • Varicella — Chicken Pox.
Vision Test
  • Titmus - Eye testing using standard equipment. This is a much more specific eye test than the wall chart. Tests for acuity, depth and color.
  • Snellen — A wall chart that has several lines of letters. On the top line are the largest letters and on the bottom line are the smallest. Test checks your ability to see at distances (far sightedness).
  • E chart — Tests the vision of children and people who cannot read. Similar to the Snellen because it is a wall chart, but it only has the letter E on each line and in different directions.
  • Ishihara — Color test using Titmus eye chart screening for color blindness.
  • Jaeger #1 — Is a small card which consists of a few short lines or paragraphs of printed matter to test for near vision. The size of the print gradually gets smaller as the person reads along. This card is held 14 inches from face (near sightedness).

Our x-rays are read by Milwaukee Radiology Ltd., a premier radiology group in Wisconsin. MRL specializes in numerous fields including musculoskeletal imaging to best aid the team with the diagnosis and treatment of your employees.


Industrial Rehab for Injury Prevention

Our Occupational and Physical Therapists assist industries in early intervention and prevention of work-related injuries that result in lost work days. Our therapists have advanced training to complete jobs demand analysis, functional capacity evaluations and ergonomics evaluations to assess the efficiency and safety of work settings. An Onsite Early Intervention Program is also available that allows the therapists to work with employees to address minor injuries before they effect work performance and need costly treatment. As a result, employers gain productivity, revenue and improved worker satisfaction.