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hillside hospice team

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Hospice Care: It’s a Team Effort

Because serious illness impacts you and your family in body, mind, and spirit, hospice care is provided by a team of professionals each skilled in a specific area. Team members partner with you, your family, your physician, and each other to plan your care using a wide range of services.



The personal physician of your choice stays involved and is consulted regularly by the hospice team. The hospice Medical Director is another physician available to advise the hospice team, oversee all hospice services, and see patients who do not have a primary physician.


Skilled Nurses

With Hillside Hospice, you have on-call access to a registered nurse 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Registered nurses visit regularly to provide medical care and see how you are doing and what you might need. The nurses support your family members as well, helping them to adjust to new roles and teaching them what they need to know to give you good care.


Social Workers

A social worker meets with you and your family for guidance on practical issues, such as finances and funeral planning, and also helps you and your family work together to manage the difficult emotions and issues that may arise. As a part of the hospice team, the social worker helps create a plan of care to address your concerns.


Home Health Aides

Certified Nursing Assistants provide grooming, bathing and dressing, as needed.



A variety of therapies are available to enhance your comfort. Physical, occupational and speech therapy are provided in your home. Massage therapy can help soothe anxiety and reduce pain. Art therapy is used to help children, and all ages, express and heal emotions.



The volunteer serves as a friend and support, giving your family time to take a break from the constancy of care giving. Volunteers go through special training to learn the most effective ways to help you and your family deal with the stress of terminal illness.



Serious illness often brings spiritual issues to the forefront. The hospice team supports the whole person and family and knows that your spirituality is important, and also personal and individual. We are happy to work with your clergy or to provide support from our hospice chaplain, according to your wishes, for you and your family.


Bereavement Services

The team knows that the need for support does not end with the death of the patient. Your family and friends will embark upon a journey through grief that is individual to each of them. Hospice continues to be a resource and support, providing information and compassionate listening. Trained grief-support professionals offer a support group with others who are also on a grief journey and can understand one another and share ideas for coping.



Your services from Hillside Hospice may be covered by Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, or personal payments. Insurance coverage varies according to your situation, and we can help you find out what your insurance will cover. If you have no insurance, Hillside will work with you to see if you qualify for help from the BDCH Foundation, Inc.