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honoring our veterans

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Vets Helping Vets

Honoring and remembering the tremendous service and sacrifice of our veterans is a duty BDCH Hillside Hospice embraces and undertakes solemnly. This is why we are involved in two programs that recognize veteran’s unique needs and the incredible contributions they’ve made to our country.


Veteran puts a pin on the shirt of a fellow veteran as part of Beaver Dam Community Hospital's We Honor Veterans Pinning Program

We Honor Veterans Pinning Program

Through the “We Honor Veterans” program, Hospice veterans have the opportunity to share their stories, express their feelings and reach out to other veterans who have shared experiences. Whenever possible, hospice veterans are paired with hospice volunteers who are also veterans and can share common language, codes of conduct and honor, and experience.

The program culminates in a very special Pinning Ceremony, where friends and family gather to hear their loved one discuss their service. The BDCH Hillside Hospice We Honor Veterans Program takes this opportunity to honor the veteran’s service and presents a recognition pin and certificate in recognition of their sacrifice.


Vet-to-Vet Program

Veteran volunteers are essential to the delivery of quality hospice care. Veterans are a part of a distinct culture with their own common language and experience. When veterans interact, their common language and experience can form a strong relational bond. The camaraderie created between veterans has proven to be supportive for all involved.

Veteran volunteers can assist veterans in reminiscing and sharing life stories. They educate and assist patients in receiving veteran benefits. They help take part in pinning ceremonies or distribute certificates for Veterans Day and other recognition events. Veterans also assist in replacing lost medals.