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DAISY Award honorees

Celebrating the skillful, compassionate care nurses provide every day.


Anna Godfroy, RN, Wound Care — July 2022

Anna has been with Marshfield Medical Center-Beaver Dam for more than three years and cares for patients in our Advanced Wound Center. Her excellent, compassionate care prompted a patient to nominate her for living the values of the DAISY Award.


“When your incision has to be reopened after an extensive surgery life gets really scary,” her patient said in Anna’s nomination. “(Anna) had the nicest smile and calming way about her. She put me at ease very quickly answering all my questions. I saw Anna three times a week for two months to redo my bandages and her manner never changed. She worked quickly and efficiently. It was a pleasure to have a nurse with such a great personality and skill. She made my life so much easier.”

Congratulations Anna, and thank you for all you do on behalf of our patients every day!

Other Nominees — Patty DeVries, Home Health; Brittany Falk, Home Health; Samantha Koch, Acute; Megan Grams, Acute; Amy Jo Reed, Radiology.

Megan Schwartz, RN, Med/Surg — April 2022

Megan Schwartz, RN, received our latest DAISY Award in an emotional ceremony on Wednesday, April 27. Megan’s exemplary care for her Med/Surg patient resulted in two separate nominations from the patient’s family.

“(Megan) is the epitome of what the DAISY Award stands for,” the patient’s daughter wrote. “One of the first smiling faces we dealt with after (my father) was admitted was Megan, and we thank God every day she was assigned to his care team . . . Megan was my dad’s biggest cheerleader during a time when he (and us) were scared and worried. She really was our rock.”


“The level of care given to my dad for his two-week stay was nothing short of amazing. She did everything expected of her and much more,” the patient’s son added. “The level of caring she showed to my dad and the rest of the family was way beyond what was expected. You could tell she truly cared. Even when she wasn't assigned to my dad’s room she would come in to check on him. She would always come in to say goodbye before she went home for the evening, many times with her coat on. We all just think the world of her. We had many very good nurses, pulmonary techs, and even dietary people throughout our visit, but Megan definitely stood out in the crowd.”

Megan has been with MMC-BD for nearly four years, starting as a CNA while working on her nursing degree before joining the Med/Surg ICU team as a nurse. Caring for people has always been her dream and she is thankful she gets to do what she loves.

“Megan started her career in the beginning of a pandemic, and in the midst of this difficult time, this young, new nurse still made an incredible impact on the care she delivered to her patients and their loved ones,” said Shannon Neu, Med/Surg Manager. “The nominations spelled out everything Megan is about. This award is well deserved.”

Other Nominee — Rochelle Budzinski.

Carley Jahnke, RN, Emergency Services — December 2021

Congratulations to Emergency Department RN Carley Jahnke, our latest winner of the DAISY Award! Carley was nominated by a mother who had brought their two-year-old son to urgent care.

“As a nursing student I am always observing nurse-patient encounters,” the patient said, noting Carley took the time to connect with her son and got on his level to make him feel comfortable. “Carley was compassionate, kind, patient and fun, and my son truly connected with her . . . good nurses should never go unrecognized. Thank you Carley for being an awe-inspiring nurse!”


Carley comes from a family of Emergency Services nurses; both her mother and Grandmother are/were nurses in local Emergency Departments.  We were lucky enough to have Carley join our team in 2017 after graduating from Edgewood College with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. Carley drives at her work with passion and a thrill of all things emergent. Her patients regularly compliment the sensitivity to their needs and her professional caring demeanor. 

Carley is an excellent example of the future of nursing. From the start, she has demonstrated a push for excellent care and individualized care delivery. Carley’s nursing experiences include Emergency department staff nurse, ED charge nurse, Medical outpatient staff nurse, Shift administrator, and most recently Team lead RN in the ED. We are proud that Carley is a strong member of our team and the she has been selected for the Daisy award.  Congratulations!

Other Nominees — Rochelle Budzinski, Orthopedics; Karen Derrick, OB; Stephanie Moldenhauer, Home Health.

Liz Mathis, RN, Emergency Services — September 2021

Congratulations to Liz Mathis, RN, the latest winner of the DAISY Award, shown here with the EVS team members who nominated her. Liz has been part of the Emergency Services team for about 10 years, mostly as an ED tech where she excelled in ensuring the nurses were set up for success, mentoring new Techs along the way.  For the past 2-plus years she’s been part of the team as a registered nurse.

During all of her time with Marshfield Medical Center-Beaver Dam, Liz has shown great commitment to her patients and her coworkers. Liz often goes above and beyond. Whether it is going out of her way to ensure her patient is comfortable,  jumping in to lend a hand to her coworker, or picking up a shift at late notice, Liz does what she can to help the department succeed.

Outside of work, Liz enjoys spending time with her animals and traveling. At one point, Liz did travel nursing, allowing her to combine work and her joy of traveling.

Other Nominees — Brenda Stebbins, Home Health.

Liz Mathis, center, with those who nominated her for the DAISY Award

Kim Henning, RN, OB — June 2021

Kim works with Marshfield Medical Center-Beaver Dam's OB unit and was nominated by Dr. Betsy Peterson after witnessing excellent care being delivered to mom and baby. "After noticing some subtle signs of concern, Kim trusted her gut and immediately took steps that helped the baby while providing emotional support to the mother. This is just one of many examples I've seen with Kim," Dr. Peterson said.

Kim has been part of the OB/Women’s Health team in Beaver Dam for nearly 14 years and is a strong patient advocate. As described by Dr. Peterson, Kim has a way of recognizing subtle changes and is able to display calmness even in the most critical of situations. Some may say that Kim has become astute to these subtle changes by being involved in departmental crisis drills in the past. For several years, Kim was a co-leader of emergency drills in the OB department, helping other nurses gain confidence in caring for critical patients or emergency situations. Kim also has a passion for continued learning herself and recently completed her studies to obtain her BSN degree.

Patty DeVries, RN, Home Health — March 2021

Patty works with Marshfield Medical Center-Beaver Dam's Home Care & Hospice and was nominated by one of her Hospice family members. She has been a Registered Nurse in the department since 2005 and is a dynamic leader, positive influence on others and is admired by all. 

Patty puts 100% into everything she does. There are multiple situations where she has gone above and beyond, not only for her clients but also for her co-workers, friends, and family. She gives a little piece of herself to everyone she cares for. Patty is a very professional, responsible, dedicated, and sympathetic individual who consistently provides safe, compassionate, and high quality care to her clients and their family. She is always enthusiastic to go a step ahead of what is expected of her and consequently has made a lot of great connections within our community.

Patty is strong enough to tolerate anything and soft enough to understand anyone. She is very deserving of the Daisy Award recognition as she is a prime example of nursing excellence. 

OTHER NOMINEES — Nikki Wegner, Med/Surg; Brenda Stebbins, Home Health; Stephanie Moldenhauer, Home Health.

Lisa Lund, RN, Home Health — December 2020

“I know what compassionate care looks like and sounds like.”

The above quote is from a family member desiring to acknowledge the extraordinary work of Lisa Lund through the DAISY award.

Lisa is an RN who has worked for Marshfield Medical Center-Beaver Dam (previously BDCH) since 1991. Lisa has had different roles within her career, and this award acknowledges all of her many talents. 

Lisa is the testimony of the word compassion. She freely gives love, understanding, and empathy, along with strongly advocating for each client she cares for. She has a wonderful way of making stressful, undesired situations calming with simply her presence and comforting words.

As a nurse, Lisa shows professionalism that impacts her clients as well as her co-workers. She possesses a great sense of accountability and dedication to the nursing staff that she works with. She is regularly utilized for her talents and expertise within the Hospice department. 

Congratulations to Lisa on this well-deserved award.

Other Nominees — Denise Herbst, Home Health; Katie Haas, Emergency Services.

Jillian Zander, RN, OB — September 2020

Congratulations to Jillian Zander, RN, who is our newest DAISY Award honoree! Jillian has been an RN in OB for almost 10 years. Her easy attitude and positivity brighten the department each day she is here.

Throughout her years at Marshfield Medical Center-Beaver Dam, Jillian has found ways to make a connection with each of her patients, gaining their trust and making them comfortable with their care. It is the empathy and support she gives endlessly that makes her the perfect candidate for the DAISY Award.

Jillian was nominated by a patient and her husband.

“The happiest day of our lives quickly turned really scary when our beautiful newborn daughter had breathing difficulties overnight,” her patient said. “Jillian was in the room with us when the doctor broke the news that we would have to be transferred to Madison. Over the course of the next few hectic, scary hours, Jillian was there to listen to our fears and demonstrated true empathy and concern for our situation.

“It was difficult and scary to have a baby with an unknown health condition in the middle of a pandemic, and Jillian absolutely deserves the DAISY Award for being a wonderful, calming, helpful presence in the midst of that storm.”

OTHER NOMINEES — Debra Horvath, Womens Health; Kim Miller, Womens Health; Lori Wellnitz, Womens Health; Marita Tietz, Home Health.

Dawn Hoeft, RN, Med/Surg — June 2020

Dawn was nominated by one of her patients, who said “Dawn is a high quality very caring and nurturing nurse. Her compassion was expressed every time she cared for me in all she did in every procedure. She always explained to me what she was about to do with a very comforting smile and never left my room without making sure I was comfortable or if I needed anything else.”

Dawn is a dedicated, Registered Nurse who has been with MMC-BD for 18 years. Dawns career path includes the first ten years working here as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), going to Marian University, full- time to achieve her dream of becoming an RN. Dawn works as an RN, on the Med/Surg unit, where she takes great pride in taking care of her patients. Dawn also functions as a relief Shift Administrator, which has broadened her skill base beyond her original goal. Focus, drive, and a passion for nursing, are Dawn’s motivators when delivering personalized care to each of her patients. Dawn is an exceptional RN, as her patients will inform you.

Other Nominees — Amy Kittel; Brenda Stebbins; Elisa Root; Marea Seng.

Cass Kuehn, RN — December 2019

Cass was nominated by one of her patients.

Cass has been with Marshfield Medical Center-Beaver Dam for seven years. She began her excellence journey as an Inpatient Services registered nurse and transitioned to Emergency Services three years ago and is genuine, sincere, and passionate.  

She is recognized for her poise, teamwork, and communication skills when the unexpected presents. Cass models empathy and takes time addressing questions or concerns to assist others in feeling comfortable during their most vulnerable state. Working harmoniously & collaboratively among members of the care team comes naturally. Cass serves as a patient advocate and makes connections to develop a relationship with patients & families while providing compassionate care. It is a true honor to have her among our nursing team. 

Other Nominees — Lori Weidemann, Womens Health; Lisa Lund, Home Health; Nicole Muhlenbeck, Hillside Manor; Kayla Laper, Home Health; and Ashley Stelsel, Med Surg.

Chris Neitzel, RN — September 2019

Chris was nominated by patient Russ Foster:

“Chris demonstrates all of the criteria listed (for the DAISY Award). After reading the list (I) said, that’s Chris in a nutshell. For example, Chris knew the potassium IV was VERY painful, so he lobbied to help me get off of it as soon as the numbers let me. He came in with the doctor when he could to review progress and express any of my concerns. When my wife would come up, he always made sure he filled her in on any changes, updates, and answered all of her questions. When I had a terrible headache, Chris picked up the pace to try and make me as comfortable as he could. I appreciate that. We also very much appreciated his sense of humor that helped get us through the first few days of my hospital stay. That really made a difference. Thank you so much!”

Chris has been with BDCH for six years. Chris started his role with us as a mobile nurse. Our team of mobile nurses floated throughout the patient care areas taking care of and helping the departments with the greatest needs. Often that meant working in the ED one moment, ICU the next, and ending their shift assisting with a delivery of a baby in OB. Chris always displayed a positive attitude with the quick changes and the demands of that role. He now works primarily in our ICU, but has not lost his ability to provide care and assist in a variety of units. Chris is an exceptional nurse, who is always delivering a message of patient advocacy and teamwork to his colleagues. Chris is a positive asset to the nursing community as a whole; we are proud to have him as part of our nursing team.

Other Nominees — Sara Curran, Hillside Manor; Caitlin Guenther, Hillside Manor; Terri Gray, Med/Surg; Nicole Scharfenberg, Quality; Kayla Laper, Home Health; and Patty DeVries, Home Health.

Rita Burmania, RN — June 2019

Rita Burmania works with BDCH Home Health and was nominated by one of her patients.

The DAISY award recognizes the superhuman work nurses do for patients and families every day.  Rita is one of those nurses who are genuinely extraordinary in her loving and caring ways.

Rita has been with BDCH since 1991. She is a self-motivated nurse that sees a job that needs to be done and she just runs with it. She is detail-oriented, highly trained and motivated to always learn more.

Rita dedicates as much time as needed to make her patients feel comfortable. She provides compassionate care, takes the time to listen to their questions or concerns, and if needed gives them the reassuring hugs at the end of a visit. Rita helps clients and families through tough times, and advocates tirelessly for them.

Rita does not just demonstrate compassion for patients and their families, but her colleagues as well. Any time a nurse needs assistance with a difficult situation or even just a simple task, Rita is there without complaint and with a willingness to help. She genuinely loves what she does and it shows through her enthusiasm to educate others in a way that makes them feel accomplished and competent.

“Rita deserves all the recognition for being an extraordinary nurse and someone that I, and many others, look up to as a true compassionate nurse with a love for what she does,” said Tricia Weisnicht, BDCH Director of Home Services. “Thank you for being the person and the nurse you are today.  This award only verifies what we see every day in your work.”

Other Nominees — Wendy Weinberger, Med/Surg; Terri Gray, Med/Surg; and Mike Krupa, Emergency Services.

Nikki Bloohm, RN — April 2019

Nikki was nominated by a family member whose father received treatment in the BDCH Advanced Wound Center.

The patient was suffering from congestive heart failure and needed treatment for a wound that opened on his leg. The family member was very impressed with the care delivered by Nikki and the entire staff at the Advanced Wound Center.

“The nurse who helped my dad at his appointment on Christmas Eve morning was so kind and compassionate with my dad. She made him feel like he was the most important person at the moment!” the family member said. “We then had an appointment on Dec. 27 with Dr. (Lori) Lee who was also amazing with my dad and helping my mom understand. Nikki then re­wrapped my dad's leg again. Nikki was also patient and very kind to my dad this day as well. The nurse from Christmas Eve was there as well and was so kind once again calling my dad by his first name and just taking the time. It was truly health care from the heart! I’m not sure how long my dad has to live, but the kindness and compassion shown was priceless!"

Nikki joined BDCH in April 2018 and has been a great addition to the Advanced Wound Center. Nikki has previous experience as a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) representative for wound supplies.  Her skills with the DME side of the business has helped the wound center improve its ability to navigate rules and regulations and get patients the equipment they desperately need.  BDCH Advanced Wound Center patients take an immediate liking to Nikki as her sensitivity to their needs is always appreciated and her upbeat attitude definitely makes any persons day. 

Other Nominees — Matt Marks, Emergency Services; Casey Kuehn, Emergency Services; Vicki Fitzsimmons, HealthWORKS; Nicole Muhlenbeck, Hillside Manor; Elisa Root, Home Health; Becca Schmidt, Med Surg/ICU; Terri Gray, Med Surg/ICU; Vanessa Fischer, Med Surg/ICU; Rochelle Budzinski, Ortho/Sports Med.

Lori Wellnitz, RN — December 2018

Lori was nominated by Stephanie Nehls, who said “Lori was our Labor & Delivery nurse and she was amazing, and continued to be every night of our stay. While I was in labor, she barely left the room, considering my history of fast deliveries and problems that were starting to arise. She continued to encourage me through labor and acted quickly when she needed to when things started to get a little rocky. This was my third baby, and our first baby at BDCH, and out of all of our experiences, this was certainly the best, and I believe that a big part of that contributed to Lori and her actions during delivery, immediately after delivery, and the night to follow when she was our nurse again. She made sure that I had everything I needed, everything our baby needed, and even did an adorable piece of artwork with our little one’s hand and foot prints on a pumpkin for us, as his birthday was Oct. 29th. Overall, she made our experience amazing.”

Lori has been caring for patients in Women’s Health for over 11 years. Lori teaches BDCH’s Preparing for Childbirth classes and often develops a relationship with patients through the class.  Often times patients she had taught in class share their increased comfort knowing Lori was here when they delivered, having formed a bond with her in class.  She is also called upon to serve as a preceptor for nursing students as well as new hires to Women’s Health.  Lori has also been leading crisis drills in OB for the past year, helping to ensure the department is ready to respond in emergency situations.

Other Nominees — Nicole Williams, Hillside Manor; Rebecca Schmidt, Med Surg/ICU; Geraldine (Lolly) Anderson, Med Surg/ICU; Jillian Zander, Womens Health; Jana Richter, Womens Health; Vanessa Fischer, Med Surg/ICU; Valerie White, Home Health; and Carol White, Womens Health.

Stephanie Nehls, left, and Lori Wellnitz, RN

Jena Henning, RN - September 2018

Jena has been with BDCH for almost 5 years; her role began in Med/Surg, trained to ICU, and most recently was oriented to OB.  She is flexible in regards to her ability to work in various departments. She is a preceptor to new staff for Med/Surg/ICU, and is a great resource to others. She is organized and efficient in time management. She is committed to delivering excellent care to her patients. 

“I was an overnight patient as I had a hysterectomy procedure. Jena made every effort to ensure my comfort form my surgery. She made me feel at ‘home’ and always made sure I had everything I needed. She even made me laugh to ease my mind. She always made sure the explain things she was doing, and made sure I understood. That made it easier for me to get the rest and sleep I needed. Nice peace of mind to know your staff will go the extra mile for patients. Actually all my nurses were awesome. Thank you all.” — Jena's nominator.

Other Nominees — Abbey Busse, Emergency Services; Chris Neitzel, Med Surg/ICU; Angie Heiling, Emergency Services; Diane Persha, Ambulatory Surgery; Julane Homan, Ambulatory Surgery; Jillian Zander, Womens Health; Carley Reuter, Emergency Services.

Caitlin Guenther, RN - June 2018

Caitlin was nominated by Bill and Deanna Zuhlke; Caitlin cared for Bill's mother Ann the night before she passed away at Hillside Manor (HSM).

"Whatever we needed that night, (Caitlin) parted the waters. Being with a loved one in their final hours is a very intimate, personal time for a family. Caitlin understood that. Her kindness and excellence in nursing will long be remembered.”

Caitlin has worked at Hillside Manor for 11 years and has been a registered nurse since 2014.  Caitlin is an integral part of our team at HSM.  She is a strong well respected nurse leader at HSM.  Caitlin collaborates with other departments on a daily basis to ensure that excellent care is delivered every shift she works. 

She takes the time to talk with countless families and residents regarding their care and makes them a priority. Caitlin is a huge advocate for the residents at HSM. She effectively communicates with her team of CNAs, MAAs and Nurses to set her expectations and leads by example. She takes pride that we deliver excellent care and she always wants to ensure the follow through from all other staff.

Other Nominees — Rebecca Schmidt, Med Surg/ICU; Anna Bille, Med Surg/ICU; Connie Knight, Wound Hyperbaric; Kristi Muenchow, Wound Hyperbaric; Jennifer Calderon, Hillside Manor; Medical Outpatient Oncology Department; Ashley Dingler, Emergency Services; Lauren Tillema, OP Med/Oncology; Rachel Laper, Hillside Manor; Amy Reed, Ambulatory Surgery; Jillian Zander, Womens Health; Melissa Schuett, OP Med/Oncology.

Carol White, RN — March 2018

Carol has worked as a Registered Nurse in Women’s Health for more than 30 years and it is no surprise that she is BDCH's first honoree for this extraordinary award. Carol has been described as caring and selfless with her patients, and those are the qualities that Carol's nominator, Sarah Heyer recognized when she was a patient at BDCH.

“Carol was my labor nurse and she was simply the best! She knew exactly what I needed even when I did not. She even came in the day we were leaving (her day off) to check on me since I had a pretty rough delivery. I really hope Carol is still working in OB and that she can be my labor nurse for my next child!”

Congratulations Carol! Your dedication and compassion are proof that you are deserving of The DAISY Award!

Others nominated — Marea Kazarovich – Med Surg/ICU; Trisha Vande Berg – Clinic Administration; Jen Davis – Ortho & Sports Medicine (3 nominations); Amanda Pearce – Hillside Manor; Anna Bille – Hillside Manor; Rob Duerst – Hillside Manor (2 nominations).