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hospitalist program

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Getting to Know Your BDCH Hospitalist

What is a Hospitalist?

As a patient at BDCH, you will likely be taken care of by a Physician Hospitalist working with a skilled Advanced Practice Nurse. Your hospitalist team focuses on caring for patients in hospital settings. With no patients outside the hospital, the hospitalist team is dedicated to treating the acute care needs of, often, our sickest patients, those who need hospitalization. During your hospital stay, your expert team of hospitalists will direct your hospital care and report back to your primary care physician about your treatment and any need for follow-up care. In addition to the advanced team of BDCH hospitalists listed below, BDCH occasionally utilizes the services of other skilled and experienced hospitalist physicians as needed.

BDCH hospitalist Jennifer Shepard

Hospitalist Jennifer Shephard

What Credentials and Training do Hospitalists Have?

Most hospitalists are internal medicine physicians; they care for adults with acute illnesses.

Hospitalists have advanced training and experience treating health conditions severe enough to require hospitalization.

Advance Practice Nurses are credentialed in the state of Wisconsin to independently care for patients and have independent prescribing authority. They also have had advanced training and experience treating health conditions severe enough to require hospitalization. They work in conjunction with the Physician Hospitalist.

What Are the Benefits to Patients?

Your hospitalist works only in the hospital and is always nearby when needed and able to follow up on tests and adjust treatment as your condition changes. You may see the hospitalist more than once a day, if needed.

Hospitalists are available to meet with your family in person and spend time fully answering any questions about your care.

Your hospitalist communicates with your family doctor, and in most cases is able to directly access their clinic records. This gives the hospitalist the information needed to care for you in the hospital and your family doctor the ability to give good follow up care after you leave the hospital.

Will I Receive a Separate Bill for Hospitalist Services?

Yes. You will receive a bill similar to being billed by your primary care physician for a hospital visit. For questions about your bill, please contact the business office at 920-887-4000.


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Jennifer Shepard