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Rula Al-Baghdadi, MD

Family Medicine

Marshfield Medical Center - Beaver Dam Clinic

705 S University Ave Suite 400 Beaver Dam WI 53916
Phone: 920-887-5975


“I believe health care should be patient-focused and involve shared decision making. Partnering with patients leads to more effective plans of care.”

Dr. Rula Al-Baghdadi brings a diverse set of talents and interests to her practice. In addition to offering comprehensive family medicine care, Dr. Al-Baghdadi has received additional training in sports medicine and is able to provide non-surgical, minimally invasive musculoskeletal treatment for her patients.

“Musculoskeletal health is key to leading a healthy lifestyle,” Dr. Al-Baghdadi said. “It is crucial in both preventive care and treatment of many illnesses, and it is beneficial to our community’s patients to have this care available to them in a primary care setting. Ultimately, a more active lifestyle benefits overall health, so I enjoy providing care for musculoskeletal issues.

Primary care and sports medicine interest Dr. Al-Baghdadi because it combines many of her interests, including science, creativity and compassion. Also, both of her parents are family medicine physicians, which inspired her early on.

“Each patient is a unique individual with their own background and beliefs that play a role in their health and lifestyle,” Dr. Al-Baghdadi said. “My goal is for my patients to feel that I am easy to communicate with, am caring and honest, but direct and thorough in my care.”

Dr. Al-Baghdadi earned her Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from Carnegie Mellon University in Doha, Qatar and her Doctor of Medicine from Weill Cornell Medicine in Doha, Qatar. She was also a Family Medicine Resident at VCU-St. Francis Family Medicine and a Sports Medicine Fellow at VCU-St. Francis Primary Care Sports Medicine.

In her free time, Dr. Al-Baghdadi enjoys traveling with family, decorating cakes and recreating traditional Arabic family recipes. Her family, including her parents, husband and daughter, are all of Iraqi origin and are proud of their Arabic-American heritage.