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Harinder Gill, MD


Marshfield Medical Center - Beaver Dam - Specialty Center

705 S. University Ave. Suite 360 Beaver Dam WI 53916
Phone: 920-356-6588


“I make a habit of listening to my patients. They will tell you their problems and it clears the pathway for better care.”

After changing course in school a couple of times, Dr. Harinder Gill, M.D., found his calling in cardiology.  Dr. Gill, initially studied mathematics and enrolled in pharmacy school for a year, but ultimately discovered his passion for cardiology.

Dr. Gill covers the full spectrum in cardiology and sees patients for structural heart issues, electrophysiology, heart failure and hypertension. He is also board certified in nuclear cardiology.

“About 85% of diagnosis is listening to the patient,” Dr. Gill said. “They will tell you what is wrong with them. The art is asking non-directive, open-ended questions allowing the patient to feel comfortable. This way you don’t have to do the unnecessary tests, but you get to the problem and help them feel better.”

Helping his patients feel better is what Dr. Gill truly enjoys.

“Patient satisfaction, when a patient comes in and is not well and you make them well is a great feeling,” he said.  “It is very gratifying to help someone when they need it.”

Dr. Gill went to medical school at Queens Medical Center at University of Nottingham Medical School – Nottingham, United Kingdom. He completed his cardiology fellowship at St. Vincent Hospital, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worchester Mass.

In his spare time Dr. Gill likes to travel, cycling and listen to his wife play music. He also has five children.