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Jim Kirsh Earns 2013 WHA Trustee Award

Jim Kirsh Earns 2013 WHA Trustee AwardJames T. Kirsh, Chairman of the Beaver Dam Community Hospitals, Inc. Board of Directors, has earned a Wisconsin Hospital Association 2013 Trustee Award.
Kirsh has served as a BDCH trustee for more than 20 years, serving as the vice chair from 2005-2006 and has been the Board Chair since 2007. He has also served as Executive Committee Chair, Compensation Committee Chair and as a member of the Quality and Finance committees. He was born in Beaver Dam and has lived in the area his entire life, following in the footsteps of his grandfather and father by serving as the CEO of the family business, Kirsh Foundry.
Kirsh is also an active member of the American Hospital Association’s Regional Policy Advisory Board, which deepens his understanding of the practices and policy issues of the health care industry.
“Jim’s deep sense of community, business acumen and disciplined approach to hospital stewardship set him apart. He is not afraid to tackle the tough issues and lead the BDCH Board during turbulent times,” said Kim Miller, BDCH President and CEO. “He has given much to BDCH and has never failed to uphold his responsibility. BDCH is in a much better position because of Jim and his loyalty and dedication to the organization and community.”
The WHA Trustee Award honors trustees who have made an exemplary commitment to their hospital and to the community they serve. Since its establishment, this award has recognized a number of distinguished health care leaders throughout Wisconsin.
Kirsh has been pivotal in helping BDCH retain the flexibility and focus as an independent community hospital and has overseen the arrival of the latest medical technology, expertise, services and specialists to the region’s patients.
Kirsh has consistently demonstrated high leadership standards, exemplary strategic thinking and keen vision. He has strengthened the organization during challenging economic times and industry uncertainty and has positioned BDCH for continued growth in the future.
“As a lifelong resident of Beaver Dam, it is an honor to work for an organization that is dedicated to the health of our community and our area,” Kirsh said.

Pictured from left are Kim Miller, BDCH President & CEO; Jim Kirsh, Chairman of the BDCH Board of Directors; and Steve Brenton, WHA President.
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