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hillside home care

707 S UNIVERSITY AVE \ BEAVER DAM WI 53916 \ 920-887-4050

Caring for the Community for More than 30 Years

When you need in-home care that is provided with skill and compassion, Hillside Home Care is the place to call. Discover the benefit of choosing a home care program that is connected to the community, shares your values and is affiliated with a high-quality health system that is committed to the health and wellness of our entire region.

Our goal is you or your loved one live as safely and as independently as possible in your own home. We teach you and/or your family what you need to know about your health condition and how to manage any treatments or medications at home.



Designed Especially for You

When you choose Hillside Home Care for your home care, we work with your physician to design a program just for you. And if the service or equipment you require is not available through our program, we can refer you to another program in Dodge County for the additional support you need.

We help people who:

  • Are newly home from the hospital
  • Have an illness, chronic disease or are recovering from an accident and would benefit from skilled care or teaching
  • Are in need of physical, occupational, or speech therapy
  • Require special medical equipment at home and need education on its use
  • Are taking special treatment such as chemotherapy


Skilled Nursing

Registered nurses work with your physician to create a plan of care for you at home. The nurse teaches you, or your caregiver, how to give the care you need, such as changing dressings for wound care, caring for your ostomy and catheter, or giving IV therapy and other medications or treatments. A nurse is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


portrait of a former Hillside Home Care patient sitting outside his home with his dog


"The staff at Hillside Home Care were professional, friendly, caring and sincere in getting me back to a productive lifestyle. I would trust them with my last dime."

— Jerry Voy, Horicon
Therapy Services

Physical, occupational, and/or speech therapy may be ordered by your physician to improve your ability to function safely in your home. When prescribed, an occupational or physical therapist teaches exercises to help you gain strength and balance and improve mobility. Speech therapy may be ordered if you have trouble speaking and/or swallowing, which can be caused by stroke or other nervous system process.


Social Work

Social workers counsel with patients and families to help manage stress and cope with chronic illness. A social worker can also meet with you and your family for information on financial resources and other community services that could help you manage at home. 

And if the need arises, the social worker can help you find other living arrangements where you can be safe and comfortable and receive excellent support and care.


Home Health Aides

A certified nursing assistant (CNA) provides help with grooming, bathing, and dressing. The CNA can also help you work on improving your ability to move and walk as outlined by the Registered Nurse or Therapist.



Patients with chronic health conditions of the heart or respiratory systems may benefit from daily monitoring. Telemonitoring allows a nurse to monitor a patient’s condition on a daily basis. A patient is provided with and taught to use equipment to check weight, blood pressure, breathing and pulse data. The equipment transmits this information to a computer where a nurse evaluates the readings. The nurse will contact the patient to discuss any concerns, and works with the physician to make adjustments in the patient’s medications or care. This helps to reduce the need for hospitalizations or emergency room care. 


Payment for Home Care

Your services from Hillside Home Care may be covered by Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance or personal payments. 

Insurance coverage varies according to your situations, and we can help you learn what your insurance covers. Our staff will work with you to coordinate your services with your financial resources.