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BDCH President and CEO Kim Miller's Journey from Staff Nurse to CEO

BDCH President and CEO Kim Miller's Journey from Staff Nurse to CEOA desire to inspire, cultivate and facilitate change has always driven me, whether as a nurse at my patient's bedside or as a CEO in the boardroom. The commitment to ensuring every patient, every day received the highest-quality care possible was the driving force in my decision to transition from nursing to administration, and it has been with me every step of my rural health care journey.

Delivering high-quality care and exceptional patient safety is a priority for all nurses but, as we all know, if you do not run a business well, the resources needed to deliver care and reinvest in future services will not be available. That's why understanding how to operate an exceptional business is critical.

It was at my first job that I decided I wanted to be a CEO, because I knew the best way to effect change was to be involved at that high level.

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